Heather Goldminc Gallery Collection

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Blue Sky Clayworks by Heather Goldminc Gallery Collection

Even as the world around us continues to evolve, the one constant is the way in which Canadian Artist, Heather Goldminc's art speaks to the heart. Such is the reason, Blue Sky Corporation is proud to be the first to introduce Clayworks Gallery Collection.

Inspired by the Art Nouveau period and embellished with 24 kt gold accent, each Clayworks Gallery object brings to life the unique vision of the designer and the refined craftsmanship of the artisan.

Each object in Clayworks Gallery Collection is hand rendered, hand signed and presented in Heather Goldminc’s Signature gift box.

With over 15 stylish designs to choose from, what a better way to enrich your Home Page or office or simply to indulge.

There is only one quality. The original and the very best.